CPF 2022 Important Information !

At present, LINGUAPOLIS is no longer able to respond to your CPF requests

(except for courses with a TOEIC certification)

Why is this?  Since 31 December 2021, France Comp├ętences (the national authority for financing and regulating vocational training and apprenticeship) has refused the registration and renewal requests of almost all language certifiers (some of which, moreover, come under the Ministry of Education, such as DELF or DALF), arguing that they had not demonstrated the professionalizing nature of their certifications.

The result is a total blockage of the situation, common to all language training organisations.

The certifications we were able to offer until the end of December 2021 have been deactivated on the CPF platform, preventing any new CPF application from being entered by the account holders (yourselves), and therefore any validation and execution of services by the training organisations (us).  The various certifiers (BRIGHT, BLISS, PIPPLET...) will ask for a re-examination of their applications as soon as possible, but it does not seem realistic to expect a positive outcome before spring 2022, or even later.

We deeply regret this situation, which puts many training organisations in a difficult situation and further weakens their economic situation in this period of prolonged pandemic.

And of course, this situation prevents the users of the moncompteformation.gouv.fr platform (you!) from being able to take charge of their language training projects!

We will keep you informed as soon as possible of developments on our website and on social networks.
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