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Implementing the CPF

The Personal Training Account (CPF) became paperless on November 21st 2019. It is now managed by the Caisse des Dépôts et des Consignations and no longer by the entities that used to finance it (OPCA, OPCO, Pôle Emploi…).

All the formalities connected with its utilisation must be carried out:

If a worker (employee, jobseeker, freelance worker…) has not yet activated their account, he/she must connect using their social security number, complete the various sections and define a password to secure their account. They must also enter their DIF hours balance. Please note, these hours must be entered before 31.12.2020, otherwise they will be lost!

To initiate a training request, workers must enter one or more search criteria and follow the instructions on the website.
Please note: throughout this process, deadlines for replying or validation must be observed, both by the worker making the application and by the training organisation replying. If the deadlines are not respected, the training project may be aborted! At the end of 2019, the options allowing an employer to finance part of the training had not yet been activated but this should be rectified sometime in 2020.

When you call upon LINGUAPOLIS to assist with this process, what happens?

To ensure you are choosing the correct training, we recommend you contact us before choosing your training on the CPF website. We will examine your project, for you and with you, along with possible ways forward:

  • The language you wish to learn
  • Your current level
  • Your aims, your needs
  • Your field of activity / your profession
  • The course you wish to do (duration, frequency, type of lessons...)
  • The final certification you wish to attain (compulsory to obtain financing)
  • If this training takes place during / outside working hours and therefore whether you wish to involve your employer with regard to this training

Once these points have been clarified, we will guide you towards the corresponding training in our catalogue on the www.moncompteformation.gouv.fr website so that you can go ahead with your pre-enrolment.

We will guide you through the administrative procedures and accompany you, step by step, during the completion of your application on the website.

Once we receive your pre-enrolment, we have 30 working days to check, with you, what is required and whether your application is in line with your language level and your real needs, as well as sending you the compulsory information documents. We will then validate your pre-enrolment. You then have 4 working days to confirm your definitive acceptance of the training proposal.

If the amount available on your account is sufficient to finance the training, your enrolment can be validated instantly. If the amount available is less than the cost of the chosen training, you will have to pay the difference by bank card on the website. This amount will then be credited to your personal training account but it will not be paid to us until the end of your training.

From June 2020, it will also be possible for employers – if they wish to do so – to cover all or part of the amount charged to the employee, via this platform.
Once your enrolment has been validated by us, you will receive an enrolment certificate and your training course can begin!

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