Les formations en langues avec Linguapolis : la rigueur germanique, le service à l'americaine, et la French Touch en plus !  

Languages and training

Our job : teaching

We are specialised in vocational training and we offer both general and specialised language modules, developed for industry, export, business, secretarial functions, hotel management, food and beverage, tourism, real estate, yachting.

Our teachers provide training in German, English, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, French as a foreign language, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese/Brazilian, Russian and Turkish (other languages on request).

With your help, we define your training project by means of an interview (with the student or the applicant trainee) and a knowledge test if required. We are then in a position to offer you the type of training suited to YOUR requirements and YOUR situation. If you wish, we can also help you prepare the application to your OPCA for a financial contribution, both with regard to the administrative formalities and the financial file.

Our method, our approach

In order to better fulfil your expectations, the individual and group modules are adapted to suit each student or group and are always aimed at improving communication skills. Languages are not just about grammar and vocabulary: they are used above all for communicating!

To give you an example, an individual French lesson, at beginner level, would be different for two students depending on:

  • their mother tongue
  • any knowledge they have of other languages
  • their motivation
  • their needs (private or professional)
  • their age
  • the time they have available for learning another language
  • their ability or learning difficulties...

Our priority is to actually speak the language. This becomes possible very quickly thanks to the oral and written situation exercises, as well as the gradual acquisition of vocabulary and language structures, adapted to your level and your needs. Our curricula are therefore given as a guideline and they will be adjusted by the teacher and/or at the request of the student, depending on the circumstances.