Les formations en langues avec Linguapolis : la rigueur germanique, le service à l'americaine, et la French Touch en plus !  

Financing training

Clearly define your project :


Every educational project is different because YOU are unique. This is why every project is preceded by an interview, an education survey and a knowledge test if necessary, so that we can offer you the type of training that suits YOUR requirements and your situation.

For you to feel comfortable in your chosen language, you will concentrate on what you need to attain your goals: grammar, vocabulary, expressions, sentence construction, role-play, so that you can better understand and speak, make presentations in a more professional manner, negotiate, sell...

We offer individual programmes for those who are fanatical about – or allergic to – grammar, so that you can get the best out of a course... for YOU!

Before we make any suggestions, we go over various points with you to define your project:

From an educational viewpoint

  • What is your current level? (We can test you if necessary)
  • What are your needs? Private, professional, field of activity...
  • Any deadlines?
  • What are your aims? Greeting clients? Conducting negotiations? Selling? Going on holiday?
  • What frequency is necessary/possible to attain these aims?
  • For how long?
  • How much time can you devote to studying outside lesson time? (Our teachers are not magicians, they are facilitators: this means that if you want to succeed, you must practise regularly)
  • Is there is a specific period during which you can make the most of a course? (Low season, drop in activity...)

From a financial viewpoint

  • Is this course for/are you an employee? Self-employed? A manager? A jobseeker (with 'CPF' rights for example)?
  • If this course is for/you are an employee, do they want to use their CPF (individual training rights) and if so, how many hours?
  • Is the company financing this training out of its annual training plan? Or as part of their CPF at the employee’s request?
  • Where should the application be sent? What are the criteria for covering the cost?
  • Will the course take place during office hours/ outside office hours?

Once all these queries have been answered and if you wish, we can help you prepare your application, dealing with the administrative formalities or the financial dossier. We won’t leave you alone in the administrative jungle of professional training!

To find out more :

If you are an employee or a job-seeker



If you are an employer

Contact your OPCO, whose name and details are shown on your certificate of payment into the professional training fund.