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Training plan

The training plan is defined directly by the employer, who decides what training is required by their employees to adapt to their job and their professional evolution, or to guarantee the company's competitiveness. The training is decided either directly by the employer (and managers who pass on their requirements and those of their teams) or requested by the employee, for example at the annual evaluation interview.

If the training fulfils the eligibility criteria of OPCAs, the company may ask for its cost to be financed. If this is not possible, the cost of training must be covered by the company.

More information: http://travail-emploi.gouv.fr/informations-pratiques,89/fiches-pratiques,91/formation-professionnelle,118/le-plan-de-formation,1069.html

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Contact your OPCA, the name and details of which are shown on your professional training contributions certificate.