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Datadock referencing

logo datadockHow should you go about choosing from among more than 60 000 declared training centres in France? How can you tell which ones are “good” and which ones are “not as good”? Who can you trust? With this in mind, the law dated March 5th 2014 entrusted all the organisations that finance professional training (OPCA, OPACIF, FONGECIF, the State, regional authorities, Pôle Emploi employment agency and AGEFIPH) with the responsibility of supervising and ensuring quality control of the training organisations with which they work. 

Decree N° 2015-790 dated June 30th 2015 lays down the criteria that came into effect on January 1st 2017 and which allow these financial organisations to carry out this mission.

Six criteria must be evaluated:

  • Accurate identification of the goals of the training and its adaptability to the public targeted
  • Adaptation of the reception arrangements, the educational follow-up and evaluation of trainees
  • Appropriateness of the educational tools, techniques and management of the training available
  • Professional qualification and in-service training of the people entrusted with the training
  • Conditions under which the public is informed regarding the training available, access timescales and results obtained
  • Whether appreciations handed in by trainees are taken into account.

To achieve this, the organisations that finance training have jointly defined 21 indicators listed in a single data base known as DATADOCK. Training organisations must complete these 21 indicators and provide proof of their allegations that are then validated. Any training organisation that is not referenced in this database will no longer be able to have the cost of its training courses covered within the framework of continuous professional training.

Following on from its Quality Charter and its OPQF certification in November 2015, LINGUAPOLIS has been referenced in DATA DOCK since February 17th 2017 and can, thanks to this, be referenced for all OPCAs.