Les formations en langues avec Linguapolis : la rigueur germanique, le service à l'americaine, et la French Touch en plus !  


Our commitment to quality

For many years now we have been committed to quality on a daily basis:


Dear clients,

It is because the notions of service and the quality of services are inseparable from a sustainable and ethical approach to development that Linguapolis has chosen to commit to solid values and perspectives in teaching.

In order to provide the best possible service, LINGUAPOLIS will:

  1. only offer services for which we guarantee top quality service. Everyone to his trade: our job is languages and teaching languages!

  2. respond to your requests is quickly as possible (usually within 24 to 48 hours at the most)

  3. help and advise you, if you wish, with the completion of your application for financial assistance from your OPCA

  4. advise you from a teaching viewpoint regarding the advisable duration of modules. We would rather sell less but better!

  5. examine your requirements, with you, in order to determine which teaching curriculum is best suited to your situation (and create one if necessary)

  6. send you a complete quote, showing, in detail, the teaching and financial aspects of the course

  7. especially for group lessons, we propose the evaluation of your colleagues' levels, and suggest the composition of groups so that all members are of a similar level

  8. provide qualified, certified and experienced teachers and send you their profile before starting any course so that we can establish a clear and trusting working relationship. As well as their teaching qualifications, our teachers all have relevant experience in the corporate environment so they can better understand your expectations and preoccupations

  9. maintain an ethical relationship with its partner-teachers who are recruited for their value and paid accordingly, with the aim of achieving the best for all concerned (client – teacher – Linguapolis). The best guarantee of this commitment is their loyalty.

  10. adapt the content of the curriculum according to the requests and identified requirements of its participants, even in the course of the module, to ensure maximum efficiency

  11. draw up an individual progress chart for each student at the end of the course, specifying the start level and the level attained, points covered and any difficulties encountered, positive points and suggestions for follow-up or improvement. A course completion certificate will also be issued to each participant at the end of the course.