Les formations en langues avec Linguapolis : la rigueur germanique, le service à l'americaine, et la French Touch en plus !  

Who are we?

First and foremost, we are passionate about living languages and communication and about teaching these subjects!

Knowing how to speak a language is essential but that’s not enough when it comes to teaching it. This is why our teachers are not only native speakers or perfectly bilingual; they are also experienced in the art of teaching adults. To make sure everything is perfectly clear when it comes to working with you, we send you your teacher’s profile prior to any participation.

The creation of LINGUAPOLIS was a natural progression in the career of Véronique LANGER, its founder. In the course of her 14 years in the corporate world – including 5 years posted abroad - she worked as a commercial assistant, management assistant and then manager of a team of assistants in various fields of activity and departments (management, sales, marketing, after-sales) within companies and sectors of various sizes. This experience allowed her to gain an overview of corporate operations and problems in French, German and English in the most diverse aspects of professional life.

Moreover, since her husband is German and both her children are bilingual, a dual culture is no vain notion since it is part of her daily life.

The desire to pass on her knowledge has always been with her and this is why she chose, several years ago, to undergo training and devote herself fully to teaching French as a foreign language and German. Her energy, her professionalism and her ease of communication, along with her experience in the field, allow her to combine teaching languages and communication with the expectations of the professional world. This is how she came to create LINGUAPOLIS in 2008. Today, after more than twelve years teaching, she heads the firm, managing the commercial, educational, administrative and financial sides of the company and this allows her to make use of her dual competency as a linguist and an entrepreneur on a daily basis.

Tamara Linguapolis
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