Language training with Linguapolis: Germanic rigor, American service and the French Touch!


Who are we?

First and foremost, we're passionate about modern languages and communication, and about teaching them!

Knowing how to speak a language is necessary but not sufficient to teach it. That’s why our trainers not only teach their mother tongue, but are also qualified/certified and experienced in the art of teaching adults. They generally come from the corporate world, and are also recruited for their interpersonal skills, a value that is dear to LINGUAPOLIS. And to ensure that our collaboration is completely transparent, we will send you the profile of your trainer before any intervention.

The Company

Linguapolis, or a passion for foreign languages

The team
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The method
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Our trainings

A completely transparent service

The prerequisites, objectives, duration, access arrangements, fees, assessment… We answer all your questions to ensure that your language training project is a success!