Language training with Linguapolis: Germanic rigor, American service and the French Touch!


Our method, our approach

Our business: training

Specialized in professional training, we offer general and professional language modules tailored to industry, export, business, secretarial, hotel, restaurant, tourism, real estate, boating, etc.

Our teachers currently provide training in Arabic, Chinese, English, French as a foreign language, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese/Brazilian, Russian and Spanish (other languages on request).

Our methodology, our approach

We work with you to define your educational project through:

● an in-depth interview (with the trainee or the person requesting the training),

● a level test (if you are not a complete beginner)

● a needs assessment form.

This enables us to offer you the type of training that suits YOUR needs and YOUR situation. If you wish, we can also advise and support you in the process of obtaining financial support for your application.

In order to meet your expectations as closely as possible, both individual and group modules are tailored to the profile of each trainee/group and are always conducted with communication in mind. Languages are not just about grammar and vocabulary, even if that is essential, but above all about communication!

We do not generally use ONE particular method, as each learner will have a different level, needs, pace, profession or sector of activity. Our trainers adapt as best they can, choosing a variety of teaching materials adapted to your situation.

Our learners are also strongly encouraged to bring THEIR own professional documents to class (in complete confidence, of course!), making the learning even more concrete!

Personalised follow-up for better results

Languages are not just about grammar and vocabulary: they are first and foremost about communication!

For example, a one-to-one French lesson at beginner level will be different for two students, depending on :

  • their mother tongue
  • their knowledge of other languages
  • their motivation
  • their needs (private or professional)
  • their age
  • the time they have available to devote to learning the language
  • their abilities or difficulties…

Practise to perform

Practising the language is the priority. It is quickly made possible through oral and written exercises and the gradual acquisition of vocabulary and language structures adapted to your level and needs.

The programmes are therefore given for guidance only and may be adapted by the trainer and/or at the request of the student according to the situation.

A completely transparent service

The prerequisites, objectives, duration, access arrangements, fees, assessment… We answer all your questions to ensure that your language training project is a success!