Language training with Linguapolis: Germanic rigor, American service and the French Touch!


Defining your language training project

At LINGUAPOLIS, each training project is unique, because YOU are unique. That’s why each request is the subject of an in-depth interview and a level test, so that we can offer you the type of training that matches YOUR needs and YOUR situation.

To help you feel at ease in the language you have chosen, you will learn what you need to know about using the foreign language: grammar, vocabulary, expressions, sentence formulation, role-playing, so that you can understand and speak better, present yourself more professionally, negotiate, sell, etc.

We offer personalised programs, for grammar fanatics or for those allergic to grammar: so that you get the best out of it… for YOU!

Before any proposal is made, we review with you all the points necessary to define your project properly:

From a pedagogical point of view:

  • What is your current level (we’ll give you a placement test if necessary)?
  • What are your needs? Private, professional, what is your sector of activity, your job…
  • By when?
  • What are your objectives? Welcoming a customer? Negotiate? Sell a product? Going on holiday?
  • What pace is necessary/possible to achieve them?
  • For how long?
  • How much time can you devote to this outside the classroom? (trainers are not magicians, they are facilitators: you will therefore need to be regularly involved in your learning to make it a success).
  • Is there a specific period to optimise this learning process (low season, drop in activity, etc.)?

From a financial point of view:

  • Is this training for an employee? Self-employed? A manager? A jobseeker (using the CPF, for example)?
  • If you are or if this training course concerns an employee, does he want to mobilise his CPF? How many hours? and with what certification?
  • Is the company financing this training through its annual training plan? Through the CPF at the employee’s request?
  • To whom should the request be addressed? What are the criteria for funding?
  • Should the training take place on or off the job?

Once all these questions have been clarified, and if you wish, we can help you prepare your applications for funding, both from an administrative point of view and in terms of putting together the financial package, because we won’t leave you alone in the administrative jungle of vocational training!

A completely transparent service

The prerequisites, objectives, duration, access arrangements, fees, assessment… We answer all your questions to ensure that your language training project is a success!